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Kronos – Project Time Tracker Mockup



The design objective in this project is to prototype with a group for a project planner and time tracker called Kronos made with Invision. A large part in creating an immersive and consistent with a group was to creating a style that worked well for all the tasks that our app needed to accomplish. Working together with a group for a project like app design was a very new experience and there were many take-aways from such a project. One example of these take aways were to always go back accomplishing the most important aspects of any project especially with one that contains so much within it that the main goal can get lost. 

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Depression – The Great Escape

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 5.36.15 PM.png

The goal of this project was to take a social issue and take a look at the numbers surrounding this issue and provide an informational piece that can be an 8-panel pamphlet with a fold out poster on the back. Phase 1 was the research side of the project and deciding who your audience is and how can you appeal to them. With phase 1, I decided to move forward by targeting the audience that would be most likely to be the first responders to someone suffering from the mental illness that being, close friends and family. The social issue that I selected for this project was depression, this issue was particularly meaningful to me because of the friends around me who are suffering depression. Depression is no joke and most of depression is hidden, so rather than delving too deep into the scary numbers of depression victims, I thought it would be better for the audience I was aiming for to focus on the other side of depression being the side of support and climbing out of the canyon that is depression.

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Sprinter – Wearable Technology Fitness Companion Application Mockup Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 6.24.55 PM.png


The design objective in this project was to create a companion application for a piece of technology that could hypothetically exist in the future. My approach to this project was to take a look at current wearable technologies and see what is possible and what is not possible with today’s technology. In this I saw that lots of restaurants and food services give information regarding caloric intake of items and what an average adult and average child needs per day to be healthy. However, as a result of using averages, no one every knows how much they really need because of everyone’s unique metabolic rates. Which would be a great health benefit if there was a way for a device to be able to tell you exactly what your body needs rather than ambiguous suggestions that we are used to in today’s day and age. The application uses a device in the form of a smart shoe insole which can measure daily activity and caloric intake. The main informational piece that I have chosen to feature in my prototype was a data visualization of caloric intake and calories burned through activity throughout the day.

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Urban Vs Suburban Report

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In a design studies course in YSDN called Research in Design, where the final project is to take pose a question about an urban issue that can be solved. The urban issue that I thought about was the cost of housing between the city and a suburban environment which brought the question, is it better to live in the suburbs or in a big city like Toronto? This project allowed for a closer look at what are the factors in selecting a home as different people have many different values and needs when looking for an environment that can cater to their lifestyle.

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Itadakimasu – Cook Book

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The cookbook project was designed to take two recipes that share a type of cultural cuisine to create a print piece that celebrates the culture of the cuisine. I elected to select my own two recipes which both had roots in Japanese cuisine and as such I could give the recipes a coherent theme in a form factor that can hypothetically exist as a book that people can go out and buy. This project allowed for some knowledge in integrating two languages in a singular context and also allowed for an opportunity to experiment and learn about how different typefaces can be used to create a harmonious design.

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